A first in our industry, AgEagle is now offering customized drone imagery-based data analytics solutions to consumer packaged goods companies and their respective supply chain farming partners to help reduce the chemicals in the foods and products they produce and to mitigate depletion of natural resources.  


Data-Driven Solutions for Global Consumer Packaged Products Companies to Measure and Advance Farming Sustainability Initiatives

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The negative impact of agriculture on both the environment and society has been widely documented with unsustainable farming practices serving to confound land conversion and habitat loss, wasteful water consumption, soil erosion and degradation, pollution and climate change.  In fact, it has been reported that agricultural production is believed to be responsible for 70% of river and stream pollution from chemicals, silt and animal waste; and is the largest user of water worldwide, though only 45% of the irrigation water is used. 


Left unchecked, many believe that farming practiced without care presents the greatest global threat to species and ecosystems, especially given that demand for more food - and healthier food - is rising exponentially.  According to the World Resources Institute, our planet will need 70 percent more food to feed a global population of 9.6 billion by 2050.  


In view of looming environmental and social crises facing our planet, both consumer packaged goods companies and their supply chain partners recognize the need ​to accelerate their shift towards greater transparency in their sustainability practices and policies as they assume greater responsibility for mitigating the use of chemicals in crop production and preserving natural resources.

AgEagle is the nation's first drone-based aerial imagery company to utilize leading-edge data capture technology and customized analytics solutions to help promote and proactively support corporate and farming sustainability initiatives.


Through the creation of the AgEagle Sustainability Field Index (ASFI), we are able to work in close collaboration with consumer packaged goods companies and their commercial growers to:


  • establish baseline sustainable benchmarks,

  • track and measure progress on established goals and objectives, and

  • provide reporting data captured by our drone imagery-based data analytics system to confirm progress and influence industry watchdog assessment metrics. 

By working together, the social and environmental sustainability challenges confronting Mother Earth can be addressed and ultimately solved.  

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