Aerial Imagery-Based Data Collection and Analytics Solutions that Empower Public Parks and Recreation Agencies to Achieve Critical Maintenance and Sustainability Objectives

Leveraging our expertise in agriculture sustainability, AgEagle has pioneered a proprietary solution designed specifically for assessing and supporting sustainability initiatives involving municipal, state and federal public parks and recreation areas.

Greener Urban Spaces.

Healthier Communities. 

Industry research has shown that urban green infrastructure can materially improve water quality and conservation, attract investment, revive distressed neighborhoods,encourage redevelopment and provide outdoor recreational opportunities for cities of all scope and sizes worldwide, thus effectively helping to align social, economic, public health and environmental goals.

According to the National Recreation and Park Association, park and recreation agencies are on the front line of a multitude of issues within and outside of the communities they serve.  From matters of health and wellness to social equity, conservation and sustainability, critical topics such as these are addressed daily by park managers across the country.  Increasing foot and bike trail access benefits a population's health and wellness while offering transportation alternatives that reduce carbon footprint.  Increasing tree canopy and green space in otherwise urban landscapes improve air quality and provide underserved communities with direct access to the physical and mental benefits of nature.  Taking measures to mitigate the effects of natural disasters through the use of water diversion tactics or shelter accessibility catapults park and recreation spaces from simple areas of play and relaxation to major agents of change in a community.

However, with limited resources, it can be challenging for park and recreation departments to incorporate principles of sustainability into their operations, programs and management.  This is where AgEagle comes in. 


Through our advanced drone-based data collection and analytics solution, ParkView, and associated hands-on training, AgEagle aids municipal, state and federal parks and recreation teams with the tools and strategies necessary to cost-effectively manage water utilization, better inform vegetative health maintenance and pest control, and foster best practices in green infrastructure sustainability.


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