AgEagle is recognized as one of the industry's top-rated providers of         next generation, end-to-end aerial imagery collection and analytics solutions built specifically for precision growers.


Grow More Food. Use Fewer Resources. Reduce Costs. Increase Profits.

Smarter FarmingQuantifiable Results.

AgEagle is actively engaged in expanding our platform of advanced, drone-enabled data collection and analytics solutions which easily and quickly capture and stitch virtually thousands of high resolution, multi-spectral images together to produce detailed prescription maps for everything from disease and pest infestations to weather impact and improper irrigation - all before these issues can be detected by the naked eye and at materially lower costs than satellite or manned aircraft flyovers. 

Rugged, Dependable Hardware

Proudly made in America and innovated over five years, our proprietary line of simple-to-operate, lightweight, fixed wing drones offer the industry's most rugged and durable construction, featuring outer-hardened carbon fiber shells and hand-laid, carbon-cloth-infused air frames.  With up to 60 minutes of battery life, our "tractor tough" flying wings cover up to 400 acres before requiring recharging, making them the aerial imagery data collection solutions-of-choice by serious agribusiness owners, agronomists and other professional farm consultants. 

Innovative End-to-End Technology-Fueled Performance

Our drones support a broad range of industry-leading sensors and web-based algorithms and analytics software solutions, which are used to determine and analyze the current health of a photographed crop by analyzing the amount of near-infrared light reflected from its plants.  Using these high resolution images, our systems generate variable rate prescription maps which may then be fed into advanced IoT-enabled farm equipment to apply herbicides, pesticides and nutrients precisely where they are needed.

When teamed with AgEagle's smart data-driven solutions,  precision growers are able to utilize their time and equipment more efficiently, reduce input cost, increase crop yields and profits, and minimize environmental impact.


50% of fertilizers and 95% of pesticides miss their targets

Sources: U.S. Geological Survey & 

Sustaining the Earth, Miller GT, 2004

15-20% of crop yields are

lost due to inadequate

fertilizer application

Source: Goldman Sachs | Profiles in Innovation: 

Precision Farming | July 2016

10% of fields experience

>10% yield loss from undiagnosed health conditions

Source: Goldman Sachs | Profiles in Innovation: 

Precision Farming | July 2016

Don't leave yield in the field.


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