U.S.-based AgEagle is one of the leading commercial drone technology, services and solutions providers worldwide

Sustainable Farming Solutions

Precision Farming    Solutions

Commercial drone design, engineering,  manufacturing, assembly and testing

Learn how AgEagle intends to establish best industry practices and quality standards for manufacturing, assembly, design/engineering and testing of drones, drone subcomponents and related drone equipment.

Statewide Regulatory Oversight, Enforcement and Compliance of Hemp Production, Powered by HempOverView

In December 2018, the Farm Bill was passed and with it, hemp once again became legal. 2019 marks the year that state regulators, growers and processors must collaborate

on establishing the framework for effectively managing oversight, compliance

and enforcement of American hemp production. Learn how and why AgEagle can eliminate much of the guesswork relating to 

achieving this aim.

Precision Farming Solutions,

Powered by FarmLens

Discover how AgEagle's advanced drone imagery-based analytics solutions are empowering farmers and agronomists worldwide to ensure the health of commercial crops and optimize resulting yields and profits.

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