AgEagle's proprietary, advanced Aerial Imaging Data Collection and Analytics Systems are all proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Since our founding, AgEagle has proudly manufactured high performance, "tractor tough" drones for commercial farming operations, widely viewed as the most rugged, durable precision agriculture UAVs on the market today.  Recognizing the market demand for "made in America" manufacturers, AgEagle expanded its manufacturing capabilities in 2019 to provide for the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of UAVs, subcomponents and ancillary drone products for commercial applications in drone package delivery.  As our Company continues to grow, we will look to leverage our experience and expertise in drone manufacturing to provide solutions for a wide range of industry sectors which can benefit from the proven environmental and cost benefits afforded by commercial drone use.  

Proprietary Fixed Wing Drones

AgEagle RX-60

The RX-60 is the most durable, lightweight (7 pounds), professional-grade aerial imagery collection technology on the market, capable of pinpointing areas of crop stress before they can be seen by the naked eye. 


Electric-powered and encased in carbon fiber, the RX-60 is designed to fly up to 60 minutes and can capture virtually thousands of high resolution NIR/NDVI aerial images and cover up to 400 acres on a single battery charge.  What's more, the RX-60's proprietary design permits flight in wind speeds up to 42 mph and will capture images even in the cloudiest of conditions.

Paired with its aluminum catapult launcher, this high performance-driven drone is easy and safe to use.  In fact, it launches, flies and lands by itself.  All flight plans can be quickly set up -- anywhere, anytime -- using only an Android phone or tablet; and with a cellular data subscription, you are able to ground truth within minutes of flight and perform crop scouting while you are still in the field.

Prescription maps are automatically created and georeferenced, meaning you do not have to process the images.  Simply import images into a compatible FMIS system and you're immediately armed with the crop intelligence necessary to optimize production, yield and profits -- among other notable benefits.

AgEagle RX-48

Smaller than the RX-60 but no less rugged and reliable, the hand-launched RX-48 weighs in at only four pounds and is constructed of highly durable polypropylene material covered with a composite layer of extruded polypropylene and carbon fiber rods embedded in the wing and fuselage.  

The RX-48 was designed to cover a minimum of 250 acres per battery charge.  In addition, this small but powerful flying wing can be equipped with true NIR (Near Infrared) global shutter sensors that are capable of creating extremely accurate prescription maps for the application of chemicals and nutrients from a precision application tractor. Its noteworthy to mention that the RX-48 can accomplish this at a price that is thousands of dollars below other professional grade drones.

In addition, AgEagle is the only Ag UAV manufacturer to offer Version LTE data in-flight image transfer for rapid processing  of aerial images. Meaning, while the RX-48 flies, images are transferred through the onboard LTD data system so the creation of prescription maps can be accomplished quickly and automatically.  


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