Manufacturing Manager

Job Description:

We are looking for an energetic and creative assembly line supervisor to spearhead a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform. We are looking for someone to lead a team that will manage inventory, assemble to specification, and perform limited testing of a UAV system. Assemblies consist of taking complex manufactured parts building them into completed designs and wiring them with pre-assembled wiring harnesses. Initially we will be operating out of our current facility in Neodesha, KS, but moving within just a few months to a facility in Wichita, KS.


We are a small, agile, but growing team. As Manufacturing Manager you will be on the ground floor of an emerging hardware/software company working with the founding team to identify new opportunities that will push the company into an exciting position for years to come. We have offices in Kansas and Boulder, CO, are looking for a candidate with strong leadership skills to start immediately!


  • Work in accordance with airplane order, blueprints, engineering specifications, standard procedures, oral and written instructions to perform any combination of the following duties with a minimum amount of day to day supervision.

    • Perform any layout, math computation or planning necessary to assemble and install a variety of major aircraft structures and assemblies, landing gear systems, props and optional equipment installations.

    • Install and/or reworks a variety of electrical accessories including wiring harnesses and plugs

    • Install, adjust battery, drone guidance  and/or electronic systems

    • Use hand tools such as screwdrivers, torque and impact wrenches, pliers and hammers plus sheet metal tools such as rivet gun, drill motor, portable dimpling equipment, bucking bars, file and some measuring devices such as scales.


  • Requires to repair and rework aluminum and pre-cut composite parts and assemblies involving operations such as cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking, fitting, shimming, riveting and bucking.


  • Manage assembly and manufacturing team for purposes of order fulfillment.


  • Performs other related duties, such as inventory, order fulfillment and process management in order to deliver the final product to the customer within required time frame.


Position requires an Associates degree or equivalent experience. Uses simple arithmetic, blueprints and specifications.


Requires a minimum of two years of final assembly and electrical repair or directly related experience building small remote controlled aircraft.


Background on AgEagle:

Founded in 2010 and based in Kansas, AgEagle has earned distinction as one of the industry's leading pioneers of technologically advanced drones and aerial imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions. We are trusted to help the world's growers, consumer packaged goods companies and their supply chain partners, and urban green managers proactively assess and manage the health of commercial crops and green infrastructure, reduce the chemicals in produced foods and products and preserve and protect natural resources.  In addition, we are at the leading edge of providing state and territorial departments of agriculture, growers and processors with registration, oversight, compliance/enforcement, and reporting solutions relating to the United States' emerging hemp cultivation industry.  In late 2019, we began pursuing expansion opportunities within the emerging Drone Logistics and Transportation market with the manufacture and assembly of UAVs designed to meet specifications for drones that are meant to carry packaged goods in urban and surburban areas.  

Job Type: Full-time

Compensation: Competitive

Benefits: Health Insurance, Flexible Schedule

Please submit resume and cover letter to  

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