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AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc.

117 S. 4th Street

Neodesha, Kansas 66757

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With nearly 10 billion people expected to populate Earth by 2050,

the need to produce food in more efficient and responsible ways will remain

among the world's highest priorities and most demanding challenges.   


AgEagle is rising to these challenges.

  • Leadership: have the courage, fortitude and knowledge to confront all challenges head-on and move forward by helping others to grow and achieve optimal levels of performance.

  • Collaboration: enthusiastically welcome and apply insight, experience, ideas and perspective gained from each other and our business partners.

  • Integrity: be real, inspire trust and honor our word.

  • Innovation: engage next-level thinking in every aspect of our business operations and actively seek out opportunities for growth and advancement.

  • Quality: exceed our customers' expectations every time by producing superior, purpose-built solutions and delight them through personalized engagement and unrelenting service excellence.

  • Responsibility: be passionate about our approach to environmental and social responsibility and actively seek ways to continuously improve our operations and our solutions from a sustainable viewpoint.  Also remain mindful of and committed to giving back as an organization through deployment of our expertise, partnership and financial resources to help build thriving, prosperous communities that improve people's lives and support our business.

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Founder, Chairman and President

Bret Chilcott

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Chief Executive Officer

Barrett Mooney


Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Fernandez-McGovern

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Bret Chilcott

Chairman of the Board

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Grant Begley

Independent Director

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Luisa Ingargiola

Independent Director

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Thomas Gardner

Independent Director

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Board of Directors