Pioneering, Innovating and Advancing Aerial Imagery-Based

Data Collection and Analytics Solutions


Technological innovation is at the heart of AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc.

AgEagle has earned distinction as one of the industry's leading pioneers of technologically advanced commercial drones and aerial imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions for the precision farming, hemp and emerging drone-enabled package delivery markets. We are trusted to help the world's growers and urban green managers proactively assess and manage the health of commercial crops and green infrastructure, reduce the chemicals in produced foods and products and preserve and protect natural resources. 


In addition, we are at the leading edge of providing state and territorial departments of agriculture, growers and processors with oversight, compliance and enforcement solutions relating to the United States' emerging hemp cultivation industry. 


We are actively engaged in the manufacture and assembly of UAVs designed to meet specifications for drones that are meant to carry packaged goods in urban and suburban areas.  

Precision Farming

AgEagle's powerful, turnkey aerial data collection and analytics solutions help farmers and agronomists to acquire high quality, actionable intelligence that results in higher equipment efficiency, reduced crop damage, improved yield, less time on foot in the field and increased profits.

Statewide Hemp Cultivation Oversight and Compliance

for Regulators, Growers & Processors

AgEagle has pioneered a proprietary, web- and aerial map-based technology solution designed to aid U.S. state and territorial departments of agriculture, growers and processors in efficiently optimizing oversight, compliance and enforcement of the new hemp cultivation industry fast emerging in the United States.



AgEagle designs, manufactures, distributes and supports a diverse line of advanced, high performance, "tractor tough,"  precision drones capable of capturing thousands of ultra-high resolution images and producing actionable intelligence that get quantifiable results. 

We also leverage our drone experience and expertise to design, manufacture, assemble and test drone hardware and related sub-components for various commercial drone applications, including drone package delivery.




Sophisticated and Actionable Agriculture Intelligence

Data captured and processed using AgEagle's rapidly expanding platform of advanced, end-to-end data analytics solutions support food manufacturers seeking to assess and affirm that supply chain farming practices are well aligned with their respective environmental sustainability programs.  In addition, our powerful platform analytics solutions provide commercial growers and agronomists with critical near-real-time insight and actionable intelligence necessary to enhance farm efficiencies and increase profitability. 


AgEagle has also introduced customized monitoring and analytics solutions for the fast emerging U.S. hemp cultivation industry.  

NYSE American: UAVS

AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. is proudly listed on the NYSE American under the trading symbol UAVS.



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